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The Co Founders Lab: A Mastermind



Master the foundations necessary for long term success and consistent $5k+ revenue months in your business.

 You started your business for more time and money freedom and didn't realize how hard it would be.  Maybe you have had some revenue success, but it isn't consistent or backed by strategy.  You're worried about the long term viability of your business. 


 This program can change everything.


Imagine, you join this program and in 30 days you are well on your way to $5k, $10k or $15k consistent revenue months.  In 2024, if you implement our framework, you could hit $60k+ in revenue and have confidence that your revenue will grow.  What would that mean for you and your business?

A 10 Week Transformative Program   

In this program you will learn the steps to building a business that will bring in consistent revenue year over year.  The framework you will learn doesn't depend on social media trends or an algorithm to get you sales.  This program teaches you the foundations that any successful business needs to be built on. 

Once you master these foundations, your business will be set up to thrive even in a slower economy, or when consumer sentiment shifts.  These foundations will serve you and provide consistent revenue over and over again, no matter what's happening in the world.


Who this is for:

  • Female founders who are struggling to hit $5k revenue months consistently
  • Founders who have hit 5k,10k,15k months, but their revenue is up and down and they want consistent revenue they can depend on.
  • Women who have the idea for their business, but haven't gotten it fully off the ground yet
  • A more seasoned founder launching a new arm of their company, or new revenue stream that wants to set up the foundations right from the beginning.
  • Founders who have a higher revenue $, but know that they want and need to revisit the foundations that will ensure their revenue stays high and continues to grow no matter what the industry trends may be.


Your revenue goals are achievable.  It's time to hit them.


Making money online is easier than ever before.


Yes, there are less barriers to entry when starting an online business, but it isn't as simple as most of the online coaches make it seem.  In order to make consistent money in any type of business, you must master the foundations.  That is the key that many business owners are missing today.  Can you make revenue without mastering the foundations? Yes, but it won't be consistent.  It will be based on luck or a boom cycle in your industry or "throwing spaghetti at the wall."


Let's get your business set up for consistent revenue success no matter what is happening with the economy, your industry or your competitors.



The Program


This program is a combination of 5 live group coaching calls, 5 smaller break out accountability pod calls, recorded modules, templates and more.


You will connect with other early stage founders.  You will help each other grow and hold each other accountable all while being coached by a founder and coach who has been in your shoes.


10 weeks.  Our next cohort kicks off March 26th 2024.

 Investment: $1350


All calls are at 11:30 am PT/ 2:30 pm ET

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Meet your coach, Emily.


I started my first company in 2009, 15 years ago.  I started that company, a fashion company, with a rolling rack in my living room and $500 in my bank account.  I scaled it to 7 figures and had retail stores in LA and San Francisco.  I started my second company, a service based business in 2021 and hit 6 figures in year 1.  My 3rd company also hit 6 figures in year one.  I am a master at starting and scaling businesses.  I have been in your shoes and know how challenging it is to find your footing in business.  I have coached hundreds of female founders on how to set the right foundations in their businesses and I can't wait to help guide you to more revenue and therefore more confidence in your business.

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Hear from past mastermind clients:

In the course of a few months, our clients transform their business - they hit those $5k+ revenue months quickly which gives them more confidence in their businesses.  That confidence then translates to so many more wins.  Our past clients have landed spots in major publications, partnerships with huge companies and have hit revenue numbers they never dreamed of.

“Joining the mastermind was the best decision I could have made to grow my business. I'm sad it's over.”

- Linzay Davis

“This was absolutely incredible, and the best business learning investment I've made so far. High level co-founders and members - such a great group to be a part of to push you to the next level.”

I want in!

“ Where do I even begin? The amount of value I received from this group was unreal! I gained so much confidence in myself, my business, my ability to execute and see results, and the security of having the most incredible support team. The hotseat brainstorming sessions were SO valuable. I not only felt supported in my business, but also in my personal life and that’s priceless.”

- Annik Welsh, Founder of Annik Welsh Social

"I’m just starting my business and I’m not in the launch phase yet. I would highly recommend this mastermind to anyone starting out especially in the ideation phase of their business. This has been a game changer for my business."

- Nicole Adamczyk, Founder of PlayCreateKids

10 weeks to change your business and your life.

Imagine hitting consistent revenue by mastering these foundations with like minded female founders who support you and cheer you on.

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