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Emily McDonaldĀ and Ankita Terrell

Two Powerful Coaches who guideĀ Female Founders to Build the Business and Lives of their Dreams

Are you a female founder ready to hit $5k+ consistent revenue months?

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The Co Founders Lab: A Mastermind

Our Super Powers

On paper we are as different as night and day, from where we grew up to what we have studied, to our career paths.  But our coaching styles compliment each other perfectly, as we both believe that all founders should prioritize personal and professional growth so that they can build businesses that do good for the world, bring them joy and are in alignment with their truest self.  We each use different coaching techniques to get founders there, but our end goal is the same.  Our styles come together to help founders in a deeper more productive and powerful way.


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“Emily and Ankita became my business coaches as well as my friends over the past 11 weeks. They are both so kind, smart, and encouraging AND make the perfect business coach duo."

Linzay, The Park Consulting

Danni, Woman Kind Creative

"I have really enjoyed my experience so far and am learning a lot. I feel I am coming into my business woman era and this business is on the verge of scaling up, up, up!" 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Emily and Ankita, you are both THE best! I wouldn't be where I am right now if it weren't for you. I can't express how grateful I am. I feel like you've helped me put everything in place to have my best year yet. I also loved our cohort so much and felt so inspired/empowered by the women. They all played a big role in shifting my mindset and getting me out of my comfort zone. I am so appreciative of the mastermind forcing me to make big moves.

Inbal, Like Minded Collective

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