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The All Access Membership: 


Become the best founder you can be and build an intentional business that aligns with the life that you want to build.  

Uplevel your skills as a founder and your business overall with this transformational coaching membership.

Build your business with intention + find mental peace as a founder


In this membership we will teach you, guide you and hold space for you to build your business intentionally.  Each month we will have a topic, we will go deep and provide you with advanced learning (workshops, mini courses etc.) You will have access to monthly hot seat coaching calls with us.  


We launched this membership so that more female founders have access to transformational coaching.  Typically we charge over 5 figures for our 1:1 clients and we only work with a small number of clients at any given time.  We love our 1:1 clients but that structure limits the number of female founders we can guide at one time.  With this membership you will get access to us and our coaching techniques at a more accessible price point.

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The Program Details:



Midyear Reflection: Reflect on the first half of the year and strategically and intentionally plan for the second half.

Hot Seat Coaching with Ankita


The Fundamentals of your Business: Revisiting and strengthening your foundation.

Hot Seat Coaching with Emily


The Visibility Accelerator: Get visible, podcasting, pitching editors + thought leadership.

Hot Seat Coaching with Ankita


Make More Money: Low cost + High impact ways to bring in more revenue

Hot Seat Coaching with Emily


Get out of your own way. Methodologies and energetics that will help you step into the CEO you dream of being.

Hot Seat Coaching with Ankita


Funding your growth: Finding funding for your business in a variety of ways + understanding your P&L and where your $$$ is going.

Hot Seat Coaching with Emily

December Bonus:

Community Mixer/ End of year celebration with Emily + Ankita


If you have any additional questions please email us at [email protected]